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Real Credibility

If you are like me I wanted NOTHING to do with startup, ground-floor opportunities. It takes several years to build up a solid...

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Real Profit

Have you ever recommended a good book or a good movie to someone? Well, when you recommend that others set up an account with...

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Real Products

Think of all the home-businesses that you've heard of over the years where customers buy ONCE and you never see them again. In our...

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Real Support

You can build a WORLDWIDE income using your computer and an Internet connection. Millions of stay-at-home moms and dads...

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About Me

About Me

Thanks for stopping by!

My husband Larry and I live in beautiful Southeastern Illinois. We are grain farmers – we raise corn and soybeans, sometimes wheat and milo. 

We also have a tack shop and sell items for ponies and miniature horses only.  We traveled the country in the beginning getting our business started, but now we only sell online.  We have raised nice ponies for many years. 

We discovered a long time ago that it was next to impossible to earn a reliable income in the horse industry – especially raising them or having such a niche market as our tack shop. 

One day a lovely young lady introduced me to the Online Shop Club. That was over 22 years ago, and I am still so very thankful for the opportunity.  We earn a monthly reliable income, enjoying true financial freedom and we are thrilled that we get to help other families earn a little or a lot or just be happy customers of the Online Shop Club. 

Our team is a group of self-motivated, energetic, compassionate, and driven to achieve a better quality of life (for their animals too) we work from the comfort of our homes on a flexible work schedule.

We are marketing representatives for a US-based manufacturer of consumer products.  Your role will be to educate others in your community about our products.  We also help guide and mentor others on building and advancing their own businesses. 

There is no limit on your earning potential, and you can build your business at the pace you choose, steadily or speedy.

I can’t wait to meet you (talk a little about our animals) and help you live the life you deserve!

Phone 1: (618) 214-7732